daybreak and after, impressions

Warm and sunny, breezy, happy. Had a premonition in the am and now approaching the halfway mark, best day so far this year. Sunshine at sunup good morning hello good morning. Nor tears nor frown nor snow nor sleet shall keep the skipping child from her appointed rounds. A catholic elementary school, kids in uniforms, screaming with laughter, warm, benevolent minders smiling on the playground. Walking corners of mouth upturned, quirked, late for the bus and glad for the opportunity. A soaring feeling coming up from the depths into filtered streaming shafty sunlight pouring filling swelling bursting overflowing. Bright high clouds wispy like drapes over breezy kitchen window at breakfast, birds outside chirping eggs nesting chirps new green and eating green and eating those eating green and growing, waiting for the hatch. After easter, renewed in a pagan metaphor transferred to the universal, the child-oriented thoughts and youthful energy all around, smiling, awake, alert and rested, bouncing and untroubled. Rising tilted high the temperate star, warming and gentle, face upward turned like the sunflower afoot, traveling the through-wintered streets, grass green anew darker and healthier feeding and straining up to the season, minds rising.


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