Just a news update.

A shout-out to america's very own blog for exposing the continuing hypocrisy of everyone (seriously, almost everyone) on sex politics in DC.

Fortunately now Pickles can straighten everyone out (she has an awesome gift shop too!). Thankfully women's ownership of their bodies will soon cease to be a "problem", as will all other ownership "problems." Once the elites get ahold of everything, managing related and complicated aspects of your public life will cease to be a problem. And that's a good thing, because what we really need to do is let someone else worry about the world. Of course there's no way right thinking individuals should be forced to give up their prerogative as the most respectable and accomplished decision-makers for all the planets' species.

Ha ha.

(I am not trying draw a direct connexion between military imperialism and habitat loss)


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I have no particular comment, but wanted to congratulate you on getting the comments to work in general. I suppose this is sort of a metacomment on the state of comments.

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