False laws of nature undone

A conference speaker, Sean B., apparently of Knox C. and more recently out of L.A. just gave a talk on a topic in Phil. Sci., and it was sort of interesting in trying to mediate between hard-core realism and Van Fraasen-style antirealism in respect of the thruth of laws on nature. Apparently this was not so explicit in his paper, and the discussion turned mostly clarificatory. But in a sense the dispute was over what, in fact, a law of nature "describes" and so its falsity rests on its characterization as a method of doing this rather than that. Also an real ugly dude who arrives late for everything disrupted two of the talks today. Our pal eripsa was also seen imbibing as early as the noon hour. Things look good for the party later, where I intend to drink about a quart of squirrel-carcass-flavored vodka. Also a tiny phil major named Melba is around, and approximately my same height--my fingers are crossed.


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