Why in the hell did I ever get on the internet. After all the shit about Aishwarya and Keyra, not to mention the hot and rad SG, my tiny simian brain has a short out. [Keyra and Suicide Girls links not okay for work. --f.] These fucking people and all their goddamned sex, fuck you all! I'll kill you and then [this comment edited due to possible investigation by the Secret Service. --f.]!

Frustration and, well, more frustration. Must get laid. Or, get off the bed, maybe? When you don't shit you get off the pot... Whatever! Time for dancing and drinking or drinking with dancing or even drankcing, not to mention bumpin' and/or grindin'. Fuck all y'all (I will). If I had shoes, I'd ask where the dancing ones are.


Blogger Sneaky Sis said...


2/6/05 13:51  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

how are you?

13/1/10 22:08  
Anonymous Benobo B. said...

OP here. Email me that question.

Also: ¿Qui es?

14/1/10 13:05  

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