c. palahniuk's novel that iz. 'e's replayin' tha themez uv like findin' 1'z way n tha world n such. tha existential ennui of tha damaged psyche. but not insane or nuffin'. jus' like a pathological-type self-descructive type r3ally.

4 plotwize tha book's like basically a sorta tragemady w/a comic element in tha' like tha hole arc is basickully tha death uv one's f'd up ma. like viktorr tha progaminst's ma dies uv like ode age + starvation cuz she don' member how 2 b hongree. n like viktorr iz tha sexxx addicks so's as a diseazed person he b avoidin' like 'iz whole life n shit.

tha sentrul themez's agin' takin kontrol uv 1's life n not lyin' n shit. mebby alsos tha author'z like too obvious n in-yr-face 'boutit. yeh purty much liek that 2 much repetishun. but gi'en tha levelz uv datail in tha manusprickt mebb3 itz mo' 4givubble. 'fterall 'snot so detailed tha' u gets a good idea uv locales 'r nuffin. + also tha vizual detale'z r lackin' so's tha cinematic imagination haz a hardd tyme makin' all tha peaces fit. but on 'thuthurr han' tha voice uv tha narater 'z totally character appropriate so what da f's i gunna sayda that.

tha physuckle manifestashun uv tha proganonixts best fri3nd's addicshun n displacement toward liek tha constructive rebuilding of tha damaged psychological monster inhabiting tha most comfortless depths uv tha soul iz liek this exceptionally witty pseudo-metaphorical stand aginst both wage-slavery n appetitive material distractive self-medication. or sumfin', i dunno whatevs.

plus alsos thurr'z a luv sroty. 's like a purty fun33 moment when sumbuddy sez they guess theyself's crazy. yeh.


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