musik iz tha spyce uv lyfe

'f u r a raver near chi/st lou/so ILL chek this. 's gunna b tha shizzle, w3rd.

normully i don' lyke no xian bands butt these hard-/grindcore mofoz Norma Jean gots talent so youse take a lissen 2 'Disconnecktie' tha faithful wampir:
its taken me 50k separate wrecks to get here n
ive learned absolutely nothing. as im standing here alone,
upright and motionless, im drowning in her sea.
tha rising n sinking of every consciousness ive ever known
now detached n disconnected. tha endless cycle of idea n action,
endless invention, endless experiment, endless hope n endless
disappointment. n i thought all i needed was just one breath to stay
afloat. for me it was like... like tha breath, tha last breath, tha last
breath that i never wanted. any of this.

i never thought that this would
capsize, but this isnt a boat, its a coffin!
n now im moving forward
into tha sea...into tha great sea
so i begin with tha end in mind.
tha cycles of heaven, 20 centuries gone by, come home

ive fallen three miles now... n i still cant shake this dragon,
but tha end is coming like a flood. it is going to be a year for
growing and the greatest amount of forgetting. my sea is dying, but
death is a doorway
n at the very root of me i know this.
its tha greatest reminder. what a broad world to roam in,
what a sea to swim in, so i begin with tha end in mind.
n frum 'Pretendeavor' in reference 2 a sinkin ship:
oh my god, hand us down our ribbons.
you death defier you. far from fear, we are.
adrift n gone. after tha fallout, after a million miles.
adrift is tha reason for tha rain
n we're in the undertow.
stop danding around, in stories untold
tha mind has conquered tha whole heart.
sewing tha insecure thread of reason.

ill burn what it takes. drown what it takes
we're not going down with this ship.
i burned 41 hills for tha love of academic ability.
that exceeds tha love of searching for tha truth.
we comprehand a massive array
thx Norma Jean. hed bangs n dope slangs, alls.


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