So fizhburn had me reading this book of Wittgenstein. It's just a set of old notes of his on a variety of topics, very little of it hard-core philosophy. Some quotes that seem apropos to me at present:
"You can't construct clouds. And that is why the future you dream of never comes true."

"If you already have someone's love, no sacrifice is too high a price to pay for it but any sacrifice is too great to buy it."

"Someone is imprisoned in a room if the door is unlocked, opens inwards; but it doesn't occur to him to pull, rather than push against it."

"The monstrous vanity of wishes is revealed for instance i my wish to fill a nice notebook with writing as soon as possible. I get nothing from this; it's not that I wish it because, say, it will be evidence of my productivity; it is simply a longing to rid myself of something familiar as soon as I can; although of course, as soon as I am rid of it, I must start a fresh one & the whole business will have to be repeated."

"One cannot view one's own character from outside any more than one's own handwriting.
I have a one-sided relation to my handqriting that prevents me from seeing & comparing it with the writing of others on the same footing."

"The pleasure I take in my thoughts is pleasure in my own strange life. Is this joi de vivre?"
I am finding myself more and more akin to Wittgenstein (though I don't presume any measure of his talent). I can't tell if I should be sad, mad, determined, resigned...


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