Small things

Waking up without a hangover, though you're pretty sure you ought to have one.
Neko Case sings like a Texan angel would sound if that were possible.
Constructive risk-taking and confrontation.
That glowing muscle ache you get when your body finally gets well-used.
Glimpses of a couple's special look at each other.
A week's worth of warm summer thunderstorms.
Getting to a task you've put off for far too long past when it should've been done.
Falling back into meditative repose.
Combining coffee and a Rick Powers book.


Blogger Miss E said...

Where are you starting with RP?

12/6/05 11:19  
Blogger Thoth said...

I tried to read "Operation Wandering Soul" (januarygirl has a copy) but got bogged down after about 5 pages. It's to ponderous a narrative. I'm reading "Galatea 2.2" as a start. The theme is something I'm interested in anyway, or rather several somethings. Plus the voice is much more engaging. Which is of importance because I don't usually read much (non-sci/fan) fiction.

12/6/05 13:40  

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