Summer Dress

I was drinking with a friend last night and we were discussing the many benefits of warm weather. One big one, he said, was breasts. I have to totally agree. I mean, big knockers are in. Like about softball sized. But actually they're fucking out if you know what i mean. The halter top thing, right, that is sort of over. But still huge gazongas all waving in your face? Sweet.

So but why look? I mean, there's members of our own little blog crew here who think I'm a chauvanist for staring at Homo sapiens teats. But what the fuck? I mean, they are out there on display. We're not talking about some sort of friggin' like tee shirt or even normal tank top or anything. This is like bikini tops and super thin material and on and so forth and the totally obvious purpose is to MAKE US FUCKING STARE. Why wear clothes that scream "Look at me!" and then complain about it. What the hell business of yours is it (hypothetical feminist opponent) if someone else wants to be the object of desire... If feminism is "all about making choices" then the choice to attract drooling male leers is perfectly well available. Otherwise you're just the cultural gestapo, right--this is fine and free but that is forbidden...

Well so but the other side of the argument is why can't people wear whatever clothes they want without being objectified sexually. To this I gotta reply: are you effing kidding me? Please.

First of all, are you really going to try to separate physical beauty from sexual attractiveness? That's totally outside the bounds of sense. Even if you could accomplish it (doubtful) you'd have the same fucking problem of people being evaluated based on some objectification as an aesthetic object. (See, f, I have learned a bit.) And really have we been talking so much only about males looking at females? What about the suit, the shoes, the car, the cigar? Fucking ridiculous, all of it. Yes (to bring up something a friend and I chatted about) there can be a problem with unwanted sexual advances--but that's a different "problem" from the one of people looking with lust, or admiration, or fascination, or appreciation, or etc. at someone due to their physical qualities.

But damn am I glad nobody likes a three-foot fucking hairy dog-faced primate.


Anonymous charlie brown said...

looking is one thing, making comments another, and running a constant dialoge about it another.

good grief.

28/6/05 02:11  

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