Think Big

A thoughtful Sunday courtesy of Jared Diamond:
The risks of a nuclear holcaust and of an environmental holocaust constitute the two really pressing questions facing the human race today. Compared to these two clouds, our usual obsessions with cancer, AIDS, and diet pale into insignificance, because those problems don't threaten the survival of the human species. If the nuclear and environmental risks should not materialize, we'll have plenty of leisure time to solve bagatelles like cancer. If we fail to avert those two risks, solving cancer won't have helped us anyway.
From The Third Chimpanzee. Since the book's publication, in 1992, what has changed about this basic situation? Nothing.


Blogger eripsa said...

Doesn't matter. The sun'll explode eventually anyway, and it will all be for naught.

12/6/05 16:31  
Blogger Sneaky Sis said...

Too big.

13/6/05 00:45  

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