Since 1981...

Okay, let's take stock.

Work: slowly progressing toward... something. Will I have to move to another city? Possible. Even likely. My resources here are, at least for the next couple of years, severely limited. I can't wait that long; things need to come together in a certain fashion, and it's no shaping up to work out that way if I project based on what I know now. *sigh*

Home: I'm moving into a new place, excellent location, great kitchen (I love to cook even though I'm not that good and do not have the Food Network). But I'll be scraping by, in financial terms.

Love: ha.

Family: on its way out, as far as I can see. My grandmother's probably got about two years, my father is becoming more and more an invalid.

Dreams: still have them. Even though none have so far come true.

Happy birthday to me. Happy birthday to me. Happy birthday *sob*


16 tons and what do you get...

But today, and tonight, fuck all that. I'm gonna celebrate. And dance.


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