Well shit we're at a weird transition now. Thoth's got all screwey self-pitying (what the FUCK, seriously). panopticon's got this sappy grieving/depression thing going on. Effin' fizhburn is holed up in a book about 24/7. Damn. On top of all that there's a serious road trip in the offing and like nobody can even get an oil change done. What the hell I can't do it: primates don't get driver's licenses.

Have to go to a memorial service today. I can't handle those things. Get freaked about 1/2 hour into them. Still you gotta do what you gotta do though. I'm on transmission number the last until two weeks or so. I'm doing good anyway, so wish me luck this afternoon.

This is either a tragedy or the second episode of a trilogy. I vote for the latter.


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