Triple Efficiency

I guess I didn't point out the interesting things going on in the previous efficiency post yesterday, like the fact that I was elaborating on a whiny post by whining about whiny posts. Jeeze, I must be super-dense here. But now I can get all meta-meta on you and point out the super-extra-ultima-self-conscious way I'm going about it. Yes? No?

I must be trying too hard. This isn't working. Or is it. What effect am I going for, here? To annoy you? Maybe. It worked, I think, to make you, constant reader, go through all this substanceless wondering with me. Am I posing too many questions?

(Today's post brought to you by avante-garde filmmakers worldwide.)

The best part is that I can get out of doing anything worthwhile by thinking up things to waste other people's time with, and wasting my own time creating them. Sweet. :)


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