Literati "Dorks"

In another sign of the fall of Western civilization into hopeless cynicism, I attended a themed party last night. Including myself, there were about six people who followed up on the theme idea. Of those, three were not lame, two were extremely lame, and one I'm only speculating about because perhaps this person genuinely had no fashion sense. To elaborate on the "theme": to dress at the most awkward stage of your past (hopefully) life and BYO drink you'd've drunk at that time. Fortunately, the worldly and sophisticated attendees were, for the most part, far too cool for school. That is to say, they dressed in the same banal fashion they would normally have done.

I believe that in truth these people wearing K-Mart chique and drinking Killians as if it were Dom Perignon (sp?) have achieve their quintessense of dorkdom. Though they hide behind the corrupt and disgusting facade of hypocritical pseudo-intellectualist "sophistication" that is modern "literati" society...

Screw this mechanical insult-exercise. It was a boring event. I left because most things these people talk about are boring to me. And there was pool-playing in the offing elsewhere. I'll outdork them, yes, that's what I'll do.


Blogger Miss E said...

I was there for half an hour, tops, for which I felt slightly bad, but mainly I felt out of place. I think the highlight of the evening for me was an enthusiastic round of playing with a Skip-It. I'm guessing it was all downhill from there.

23/8/05 07:09  
Blogger Thoth said...

The factual event you reference was only quite briefly attended by we Phil fools. We failed to get up a quorum for our usual "Forties and crashing" behavior. I got the priveleged-community-of-
discourse/slanty who's that looks vibe from the whole thing. Plus the "air conditioning" wasn't. My highlight was jumping off the porch to get the getaway car.

23/8/05 14:04  

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