always stares at my
tits wtf?
maybe i will stare back at his
mother of pearl dome. creep.

where did his ass go?
plump-backed, bagged pants
and a belt that lifts a sagging
orangutan belly
unshirted with paint on his arms
that scaffold looks tired
are you sure
"how ya doin'" is what you meant
or did i misunderstand because of
your continual cigarette?

i can't remember whether that's a pork-
pie, or a boater...
who cares, becuase the bermuda shorts
kind of make me gag
just a little, like your limp dick
close the shutters.

they'd call you a bear of a man
if you could get that far
on chicken drumsticks,
with a beat-up sportscar leftover
from your midlife crisis.
(maroon. seriously.)

always stares at my
friends wtf? on video.
don't talk to me
emphysema breath
why don't you just die
already? he
was just "a nice old man."


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