Breaking from direct action, eh? Here are a few links to spice up a slow news month.

0. Has anyone noticed anything usual in Africa lately?
1. Tucker's been a bad boy.
2. DeLay doesn't disappoint. Also, closer and closer.
3. Yo, Rummy: wtf? They're not kidding.
4. I can't expect anyone to still be pissed about that, can I.
5. Organic foods just might get more organic.
6. Media junkies can find some fine anti-clown work here.
7. Getting out of Iraq is apparently not going to change much.
8. I didn't realize some of these weird claims even existed.
9. Some Sheehan bandwagoneering.
10. Taking multitasking to a new level, ha ha.
11. We're doing a great job of bringing important figures to the table with our vinegariffic stupidities.
12. Shall we court the religious?
13. Bush's version of the Monroe Doctrine at work.
14. Iraq 2, electric boogaloo: deal broken (?). Even in French. So stick around.


Blogger january girl said...

Hey Man, I ain't signing up to get spam from the Chicago Tribune in order to find out what's up with the organics. Please post entire thing at will or email it to me.

Boosted that article on the Religious Right and posted it in D&D:

Right Here

Thank ye, thank ye.

13/8/05 12:23  
Blogger january girl said...

Haha, apparently no one cares. 63 views and 0 comments later. I'm just trying to spice things up around that depressing shit hole.

Of course, there isn't much to say about it. :)

13/8/05 12:36  
Blogger january girl said...

Haha, one response. I predict this thread will either now be the phonics thread or fall off of page 1 into obscurity.

13/8/05 12:39  
Blogger january girl said...

Man, I should cash in on my psycic abilities. Phonics thread!

13/8/05 13:06  

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