0 donna, 0000 donna

yo gotst 'skin tite' 'turn 21' an' 'gold medal'. not much 2 review fokes butt if u r n serch uv tha girl-rock--n hoo iznt--den tha donnas is teh r0x0rz. strayt up rockin.

plus bonus plugs 4 doze whooz lookin fur tha seduckshun muzik: not tha latest, not tha previous, but tha 'riginal: miz erykah. dat is tha slow jamz hottttt yoz.


Blogger january girl said...

This reminds me. I hope none of you fags hooked up with Tess. She's ugly, stupid, annoying, and well, a fag.

Any of you could do better. I think.

And T-bone already has the "annoying ass tag-a-long girlfriend" slot filled for the dept at the moment.

For reals, that girl was annoying as shit at Knox and does not appear to have improved in the least.

14/9/05 07:06  
Blogger Benobo Baboon said...

What's up with you and all these cordwood jokes?

No, no one hooked up with Tess (as far as I know). Also, she is engaged and I think not looking.

Also, how dare you try to pity anyone their social life?

14/9/05 10:40  
Blogger january girl said...

What the hell is up with you making up words?

Taint nothing wrong with my social life.

I am *popular*

If that word is too foreign to you, look it up in a dictionary, fag.

14/9/05 18:21  
Blogger january girl said...

ps- fag

14/9/05 18:22  

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