Hey so I guess you've heard a this fuckin' bowling thing, right. Probly the only place in the universe they don't have it is like Singapore. Anyway so I did this last night and let me tell you it's about the easiest damn thing there is. I mean, all you have to do is roll this ball & hit some sticks. like reverse baseball or something. And you people do this for fun? please. I bowled--that's the word, right? not rolled--whatever I scored 211 my first game. No worries you hairless pre-pubescent looking butt lickers. I laugh at thee. THEE!

That's right, it's easy for me, just like biting through a skull or digging out troublesome lice I am naturally talented and you uncoordinated fucks are left in the grass smelling... my ass. (I am LOLing except not because it is pretty fuckin' stupid to say "El oh el.") Anyway I'm also kinda drunk on some Jack and couple pretty much challenge Randy Savage to 6 rounds of bare-knuckle about now.


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