Finally finished.

So time consuming. So much satisfying procrastination. Beginning.

* I am proficient in the use of many types firearms and combat weapons. (I use my nunchucks for ninja and wolverine hunting, for instance.)
* I like the way women look in stylized men's suits. (I assume you mean like Kate Moss, right?)
* I don't like it when people are unpleased or seem unpleased with me. (But then, who does.)
* I have been described as a dreamer or likely to have my head up in the clouds.
* I have played strip poker with someone else before.
* I have had emotional problems for which I have sought professional help.
* I believe in ghosts and the paranormal. (Although sometimes.... cf. my comment about paranoia.)
* I can't stand being alone.
* I have at least one obsession at any given time. (Dozens. Hundreds!)
* I weigh myself, pee/poo, and then weigh myself again.
* I consistently spend way too much money on obsessions-of-the-moment. (Nope, mine are long-lasting.)
* I'm a judgmental asshole.
* I'm a HUGE drama-queen.
* I have traveled on more than one continent. (Next summer, maybe of all maybes.)
* I sometimes wish my father would just disappear. (Just the opposite.)
* I need people to tell me I'm good at something in order to feel that I am.
* I am a Libertarian. (Hell no, or at least, not an Internet Libertarian; you people are batshit insane and can't argue worth a rat crap.)
* I could speak more than one language. (Used to know Francais, used to know a very little Espanol.)
* I can fall asleep even if the whole room is as noisy as it can be. (Not unless I've been up for 48+ hours.)
* I would rather read than watch TV.
* I like reading fact more than fiction. (Who can choose?)
* I have pulled an all-nighter on an assignment I was given a month to do. (Just a month? Please.)
* I have no piercings.
* I have spent the night in a train station or other public place. (I assume train yard counts.)
* I have been so upset over my physical gender that I cried.
* I once spent Christmas completely alone because there was a miscommunication on which parent was supposed to have me that night. (Damn.)
* I've been married and am now divorced. (Feels like it, but the legal deal was never sealed.)
* There have been times when I have wondered "Why was I born?" and may/may not have cried over it. (Not.)
* I like most animals better than most people. (Most animals are insects.)
* I own a collection of retro games consoles. (Only a lonely old SuperNintendo.)
* The thought of physical exercise makes me shiver.
* I have hit someone with a dead fish.
* I have written/read erotic stories.
* I am compulsively honest. (Only at the worst possible time(s).)
* I was born with a congenital birth defect that has never been repaired. (It's called I'm smart and I know it=arrogance.)
* I have danced topless in front of dozens of complete strangers. And not been ashamed. (But again, I have no breasts to speak of.)
* I have purchased baby clothes. (Cf. the diaper thing.)
* I have done a pump-n-run. (Though the place was closed at the time and had left their pump on so they had like $4.00 in gas charged when they got back the next morning or whatever.)
* I have visited every state on the East Coast. (Another ongoing obsession--to visit all the states. About 40 so far.)
* I am afraid of gators but not sharks
* I have visible scars from a physical confrontation. (Not with clothes on.)
* I have followed a band on tour
* I am obsessed with gals.


Blogger january girl said...

oh god, i hope that last one isn't the one you added, because it totally sucks worse than any other statement.


see, it's just never going to get old. :)

20/9/05 21:51  

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