Four hours

of sleep. At about quater til two in the morning I'm out walking and there's this drunk guy. Some dumb fucker straight off the train from the burbs and literally tripping over his own feet. I stopped for a bit and watched from behind a hedge. This dudes ugly head had about three inches of hair that probably was coiffed up at some point but he was so trashed that it was all mached up into kind of a New-Wave-ish sort of mowhawk/flattop combo at about a 20 degree lean to the left of vertical. I busted up. I thought maybe he heard me but I guess he couldn't tell if I was real of if maybe his eyes couldn't focus and all he saw was a wrenchmonkey with a Black Death cigarette. Anyway if you have not seen this it is a real treat. Asshole. And anyway now I am underrested but at least I can hold on to the contrast between myself and that sorry piece of shit.


Blogger january girl said...

I feel the same way when I see homeless people. I laugh alot and sputter with glee, "I am better than you!" Then I hit them over the head with a brick I keep in my back pocket and steal their shoes.

8/9/05 09:52  
Blogger Benobo Baboon said...

Yes! hi-5!.

8/9/05 12:01  

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