I don't even really know what this word means, but there it is. It's not boondoggled or mind boggled but maybe swindled would do? The focus on the word here is just a sign that I'm feeling playful. Playful is not an emotion you ought to "grow out of." It is nearly that thing the French supposedly call joie de vivre and the British call "cocaine binge."

What could this feeling be described as... I would say "lightness." I am happy to focus on the unsignificant and the insubstantial for a few seconds, hours, or days. That is what it's all about. Having fun, using imagination. Pretend you are 6 again, and the world shifts from solid reality to technicolor irreality and the fatasies that simmer in the back of your mind leap out singing and dancing.



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Blogger eripsa said...

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