howl's moving castle

saw tha nu Studio Ghibli flim Howl's Moving Castle. p'raps mo' adult themed'n sum prev. flims by Miyazaki. tech notes 1st i guess. animation tiptop, of course, tho most all drawn, n u cn tell 2. real control over tha fine details uv objects n characters. esp clear in mid-late sexns when 1 uv tha charaxerz has a lotta changes in facial feechurs. both lotta fantastic views n jus' xlntly rendered 'depth' backgrounds uv relatively ordinary scenez. basixly it givez M a lotta room ta tella story about love, redemshun, selfdiscovery, committment, etc.

tha story haz tha us. elements--young female protag. an fantastical setting/magic/forces, blobby villanz, silly animals/spirits/etc., an' uv corse transformativ discuvereez fr w/in tha chars what bringz tha plot 2 conclusn. unfortunite aslo therez a storee element that not quite w3rk: thas tha war setting what does sum w3rk in tha main plot esp near tha end but as a devix fails b/c wrapped up far far far too neatly @ tha denouement (itz basicully a childz view uv how a war worx, plus sum unsavory implicaxuns uv its being a devix for gettin howl 2 chan 'is self aroun').

prolly not tha bes' flim fr Miyazaki, frinstance kikisdeliveryservice 'z b3tter. howe'er he got sum nu work in here, esp 2 do w/tha connexion btw ambition, pryde, an' fulfilmint. that titular char, howl, za loenly wizard (w/unaccountable young boy sidekick to he iz like mid-20ish). 1 thing tha flim duz well iznot 2 give 2 much ta tha viewer. therez a lotta stuff hap'nin'n tha way uf facial expressions butt itz not hokey or 'xagerated. his search for 'freedom' iz bofe literal 'n metaphoricul, cuz 'eez got a seecret by which he had trapsd hisself. sorta tha same iz tru uv tha protagamist who iz a your woman living a drab life w/o connecshuns 2 otherz. she even 'stranged fr she momma.

iz also an interessin' devix 2 hav her live baxward b/c she gets turned ancien then as we find out needs 2 find a way 2 break that curse. u wif tha cynacle views cn prolly work out tha res' uv tha storee. fortunatable therez a lot uv beauty in tha sparseness uv tha story. 1 partic moment will suffix 2 demunstrate, wherewhen near tha beginning tha sophie girl gets up an brushes the front uv 'er dress in a most realistic way. tha tiny inclusion uv .9 secs of flim makes 't that much mo' realz. an' so 'f nuthin else u shood c tha mov' for tha styles. in subst. itz still sorta a youngstarz joint.

go see it yoz, an go late so az 2 avoid tha kiddiez. not entirely cake butt more entartainmint than mental distraxion, on the whole exelint if u cn ignore tha overconvenient wrappup. thumbs etc up.


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