Predictable memorial title

You know what day it is. Did you see that overblown country music jamboree the Pentagon set up? Nice to know a tragedy works as a great p.r. opportunity.

Option 1: ignore the memorial. Perhaps not a great option, but at least it keeps you from that dangerous jingoistic fervor that the neocons like to whip up.

Option 2: honor the dead by closing your doors and praying in private.

Option 3: overblown country music jamboree or similarly stupid ceremonial enshrining of American lives as more important than the lives of people from other places.

Option 4: sensible reflection on the psychology of mass-scale trauma and the infantalized society that gave birth to our present decline-of-empire situation.

A piece of advice before you decide--ask yourself What Would Jesus Do? (Hint: Jesus was not a country music fan, and he was also a pacifist.)


Blogger january girl said...

hay, is there a petition to sign for this too?


that'll teach him!


12/9/05 14:57  

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