Sick, I mean, Unwell

Dammit, dammit dammit. What the fuck I am so sick right now with like a fever and nose/throat thing and fucking shit I could not sleep at all last night. Fuck! This is what I get for living around a University, piece of shit, I always get hella sick in the fall now. Fucking FUCK YOU student assholes.

Also, just this morning I saw a kid of about 19 tender years who had a mock jersey t-shirt on that had the number 1 and said "Flava Flav."Click me to discover hidden easter egg!

This kid was so white he could'nt've picked Flava Flav out from a lineup of quintuplet japanese schoolgirls. I wanted to stab. Him.

Which means he was no hipster but what they call a poser. Hey: if you're gonna have nutty junk on your shirt, at least make it halfway plausible nutty junk. Like huge capitals of "He No Here!" or something. Do I gotta spell everything out for you? Understand the shit you're getting into. Be like me:

You are Flava Flav. "I've been a musician, a
songwriter, and I've been a singer but people
didn't know that. The only thing people know
about is 'Yeah BOYYYYYYYYYEEE!' 'Ha ha cold
medina,' '911 is a joke,' 'I'm lamping, I'm
lamping.' That's all people know about. 'Public
Enemy number one.' That's my ID."

Are you Flava Flav?
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Blogger january girl said...

i am unwell. :(

2/10/05 21:27  

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