Yeah, umm I just got back form the haloween party, was all crazy like with the MFa's. ENglish MFAs likie fiction and shit, poetry. They can party I like went to this other thing first that was corwded and all that with a keg and noo cups! so as my pirate costume part of it i had a flask of rum to drink. so walked out of that (had engineers i think?> and over to the grad studens you know theyy can trink. uh

MFAs anyway and dancing and marylyn monroe got me to drive her home bu ti knew her from before and but anyway i guesss cowgirl also a propular costume and there was also januarygirl or, like i guess a faximile or simulacrum or somthing anyway doing the wholedevil in a reddress think plus wipping people. funny Shit gotta pass out to much fuckin fun.. rum


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