a bit of free asociation

today's word is:

calypigian, ants marching steam drill over awalled

oak tree (Fight club: searing flesh) whose hands are these?


as I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
my thanatos, denatos, eros
death wish
kill me
this is nothing more than anything no one ever wanted
escaping and he said why what will you do now
this was all I ever wanted and more i replied

end of baseball season celebration it was a cousin's hometown and that of my best friend's dad for third grade and holy hell is that Jesus in my rearview

look back over that how will you self-criticize and scar
yourself, abuse yourself, use yourself, infuse yourself diffuse this
guilt shame fear all forced into that single point underpressure,
and suddenly ablaze a
matchstick lit in the deepest cave subway station abandoned bench by
the hobos

standing around warming hands
stories we tell all stories to each other,
reconstructing self and other
reconfigure reconsider, deliver
yourself unto me
O Zion,

(for this is all and ever and forever, and ever, so move over)

cracked, crack, rock, smack slap snort sniff sniffle tears and
giggle wiggle, give you the finger can't you see
this ultratudinousmonstrositerriflyrificsaurus rex?

no: have you got a light? monkeyfuck.


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