dish what recreates tha feelin i 'magine u get onna crisp evenin' on the northern foothills uv tha himalayz w/pines about.

1 bell pepper (i use 1/2sweet 1/2not) diced
1 lerge shallot (about a cup) diced
1 squash (a yellow zuchini maybe) cubed
1/2 cup carrot cut small, frenched or rounds or whatever u like (heirloom carats w/woody/nutty flavor 'f u got 'em)

1/2cup basmati rice
1 cup h2o
light olive oil

1/3cup rice wine (or very mild flavor white wine)
1tbsp five spice powder (im not gonna tell you how 2 make this, just go buy some in tha 'oriental food' section)
pinch rosemary (dried bits, not powder, not fresh)
dash(es) cayanne (opt.)

procedure (if cooking entree only)-
you don' hafta soak basmati usually tho' sposedly us should. just put a cup h2o w/ 1/2cup rice & bring 2 boil for 1 min, pinch of salt and 1tbsp light olive oil. 'f u r adventurous use 1/2olive an 1/2sesame oil. stir, cover, simmer for 15-18min.

wash, clean & cut carot. put fryin' pan on med-high. wash & cut pepper. oil pan (i uze olive butt u could use cookin olio, NO butter). add carrats 2 soften 'em. peel squash & cut. cut shallot. toss in veg, get coated w/olio. add wine, cover & braise until squash soft all thru (5min or so). lift cover, heat to hot hot hot. oil, wine left & carmelization should make glaze (+ mo wine if needed for thickness), add 5 spice powder (& cayanne but not much 'f u mant it). stir fry a bit.

rice oughta be done. heat off tha veg; plate rice; toss rosemary bits into veg & flip, plate semi-on top of rice. rosemary should give bursts uv sharpness that responds 2 tha slight anise of the 5-spice to give a pan-asianish pine-sap snap. (rosemary & 5-spice don' go together, that's why it has 2 go in @ tha last minute; u want a contrast) serves 2.


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