End to the tangent

Well so the current diversion has played itself out as much as it can, for the moment. There is a second section fully formed in my mind, and an idea for a third and forth floating somewhere. I suppose, constant reader, it is a bit tedious for you to wait for dribs of story each day. But there it is: a use of structural features of blogging itself as formal aspect of narrative. (It would be nice to set it up so as to have folks start at the bottom of the webpage and be able to go back (up) and scroll down as they read, to fit better with the natural reading style of English speakers, but then one can't have everything...) Anyway, the concept of putting the 1st person perspective into a story like this is interesting to me. Sort of a window into that moment of the mind where conscious understanding happens. Of course the transmission is intermittent, so we don't perhaps get the whole story. I also recognize that the whole thing is rather opaque. What's going on gets a bit clearer later, but suffice it to say that there is nothing remotely similar to normal experience happening except in the phenomena. That is, the feelings and thoughts are real but the setting and "plot" are unreal in the extreme. What that means is itself part of the point, however. And speaking of points the point of this sort of work is entirely direct and assertive but the mode of presentation, as with all the purely creative mediums (not to be confused with media), is entirely indirect. Hopefully as this project comes to completion a point is made; otherwise, I'll just have to keep writing until I've come up with "Infinite Jest 2" or some junk like that.

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