Here walking along along walking along footsteps can you hear can't hear breathing footstep another another sweating salt licking where is the end can't go back need to drink or eat or fuck or what bleeding are my palps ruined salty is that sweat blood dripping pooling splashing soaking cold skin too hot the walls burning up nearly can no longer reach across this passage just too wide walking along need sleep can't pooling sweat drping tired so tired back to the
don't let go of the wall hugging the wall one step in fron of the fingers hurting feet stepping another another can't see anything can't hear breathing foggy damp like water can't step away from this solid wall all that is left a touchstone burning sensations slowly out of finger what is off to the side empty maybe only inches away the other wall or empty breath ragged feeling in the chest but no sound lungs empty sweating into empty mouth what is out there keep walking here.


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