A mirror? Teen feet high and wide, bottom on the floor, against a wall between two corridor entrances and in the fourth direction that same
deepening space that sight cannot penetrate, like above.

Wipe away some of the dust. A darkling glass indeed. But not me there, no reflection at all.

Looking down the body remains. A figure in the glass though, and moving.

Turning there is no one behind.

Nothing worth thinking about is out in

Moving closer, clearer but smokey, obscured. A face. My nose near enough that mist should form. Too dry for that, must be. (Still can't hear breathing.)

Speak up. I try to answer. Raise your voice.

Still cannot hear.

Shout. Yell scream howl. Who are you? Speak up
to me
you are real but this flawed veil
between us
vibrates at strikes of a fist, kicks and
but we can't break it though the other seems to be trying
as hard.

Answer the question. Ask. Ask/answer. Ask/answer.

Exhaustion. Vocal chords burning. Hands up to the glass. The figure on the othersideunclear the same. Signs--visible--yes, that's it.

Semaphore. hello

who are you ?

what will i find behind the glass ?
you won't find me i am in another place
just a wall ?
maybe or maybe you will see me without this
The barrier.
that would be well
would it ?
we will be together where there are none else
i would like that but
did you meet a child with the emptiness on him
the void on his chest ?
yes marked everywhere on the floor in languages
the child lay beneath Gilgamesh
praying to give life away?
yes selfskinseparation marked with what was it
yes that poor child
sent me away
but you want just the opposite
whatever i am whatever you are ?
of course i can see well enough



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