momma always loved dis recipe. filling fr local orchard.

1cup flour
1tsp salt
1/3cup shortnin'
3tbsp h2o
1tbsp half&half
pinches sugar

sift flour&salt into bowl; cut in shortnin'; very slow add h2o mixin. handle dough as little as possible. flatten on flour'd cuttin' board & put in freezer 4 a couple min to cool. preheat oven ta 450F. roll out efficiently as poseeblay, make sure 30% wider'n pan. add 2 pan (u cn grease if u want 4 mo' easier servin) & scissors extra. fold up edges. poke w/fork a coupla times all round. put in foil (hold down w/somethin' nobakeable, or another pan to hold shape. put pan on bakin' sheet, bake 7-9min. (turn oven to 425F.) add fillin', use xtra crust 2 make lattice etc. on top; brush w/half&half & surgar. bake 30 min @ 425, or til crust browns considriblee.

serve 4 brunch w/coffee. mmmmmm.


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