Sleater muthafuckin' Kinney

rockin rockin rockin concert 1:15 long about. 12-15min seque fr one song 2 their newest hit (u know tha 1 on mtv2 etc.) was tha best intrumental jam-out i've seen since Ween did a 25min. vers. of "LMLYP" in milwaukee about 4 yrs ago.




plus also saw lotsa peeps @ tha show wuz a good tyme 4 all i bet. only tha 2 6'3" stiff in fronna my friendz ruint anyfin' but they was not enjoyin' tha show so much so their $ticketmoney forfeit is tha price they payz for being so inconsiderable. inconsiderate.

been a long time for some folks like thoth 2 see shows, was good 4 him ta come out etc. plus all cool C-U ppl wuz their; if u missed u bin Dissed. [The pictures above are not from last night's concert, but rather one from the same venue in 2003. Apparently the pictures Gdog obtained of the show were useless. --f]


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