Adrianne said: Don't you think it's about time to make up--
But I interrupted her.
Ariana tried the same thing, but I was visited that week
and a little bitchy.

Two friends from work, let's call them X and Y, called
on a Saturday, surprise!, to voice their concerns as well.
Hey, it's not like I'm getting implants here, or an
appendectomy or something
, I said. Drop it, okay?

Sammy called and specifically avoided mentioning her emails
over the last month.
She bossed me around on other stuff instead,
but I rung off first.

X and Y again. This time offering funds to support me,
like a govt. grant or foundation fellowship. I said:
Look... but it was no use: X and Y "care." They said my
supervisor might find out, I'm in all the office gossip.

Then on Sunday I called my Mother and she very quietly,
surprise!, listened, and
said, I love you too, bye. All along I knew what I'll do.
Tomorrow for sure.


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