How would you know?

Good question. Are you real?

That's like asking whether yourself is real

So you're me.

More or less.

I suppose I'm distinct for my surroundings.
And I'm where then?
Got to check something.

Scalp, yes;
brow, yes;
eyes, yes;
nose, mouth, chin
feet, yes.

Upright, oriented normally; heart on left side; no pains to speak of.
This is a body. Need to find out whether it can move.
To go where? Useless question now, save it.
Very resourceful. Is it... just seemed necessary. Proprioception. Nonsupportive environment. Function acceptable on all counts so far. Questions about kinesthesia, motile instruction, sensory interpretation. So not quite all the way in the body yet. You think not.

No, don't think so.


Blogger deimos said...

ack! this new format hurts my wittle head and makes me feel oddly clausterphobic...

can you get some space between the shit on the left and entries?

9/11/05 21:16  
Blogger Thoth said...

Long answer yes with an "if," short answer no with a "but," given answer: "I could, but I won't until I do a format change at some future time; and yes I am aiming to make the thing... um, interesting to look at."

14/11/05 13:09  

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