happee thawts 2day mebbee? "reasons":
come through me
you arrive and i'm on fire
subdue me
to explode that you inspired
so groovily
second episode of all smiles
let's make a movie
in the name of all great liars
improvising kaufman style

they are all reasons to me
they are all reasons to be
they are all reasons to see
they are all reasons to me
thx. Built To Spill. or mebbe unhapy wunz. "pixie":
young unicorns snatched from the impossible skies precious horns, ordinary chainsaws.
i am left with horses revolting in the normalcy
shipwrecked by a face all sweet and empty like a hollow candy or an ice cream smile
licked down to a cigarette i promptly extinguished in a dead infection
a desk drawer full of blurry sunflowers.
under your bare feet are only symptomatic of the monster i have become.
thx Pig Destroyer.


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