I is useless now. This blank chalk mirror eggshell place contains noting, is contained by nothing. As in a cloud
s t r e t c h i n g
to fill what can be commanded by the speech function and compressing in on what may be imagined. There is only distance and reaching now. Endless steps of further until thought is numbed to nothing and brute process superseeds consciousness.

I is the placeholder of self-reference. But there is nothing to refer to here but the speech. These words point to the body which may or may not be occupied by the voice, from which the voice might come, return to which is neither to be expected nor unexpected. There is no cause here but merely succession of event. Why does I speak in this order I ask I and I responds that I is empty, I is in emptiness as much as it fills I with Iness. I has destroyed I by speaking I without I present.

This is it. Without Iness there is nothing but sign. Neither meaningless nor meaningful, except to whom comprehends. None are there, not even I, in order to comprehend. Therefore speech is all that is. I is within the eggshell, this Ilessness the albumen in which the body is seen to grow. The body is there but I is not there. Universe is likewise nothing.

Universe as much as I requires demarcation. It is neither located nor not. It is what is. It is either there or not there but to say of it that it is is redundant, it is redundant to repeat existence as if Universe is not merely what is and what is is Universe and it is it and all that it is is it and nothing more. There is neither boundary nor lack of boundary. There can be no such thing as lack of boundary. But do not say this is I and Universe without boundary; this is without boundary and therefore without Universe or I. Do away with them then.

There is utterance. What is being done after I is done away with and Universe is done away with is utterance.

Does it begin or end? No. It is in the end of all and the beginning as well and so forth.


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