mysogyny.. ha ha

hey lotsa freudian shizzle but not gunna b fux'd w/ now so get yr irony @tha door fellaz. will've hadda retro weekender @ cabin+woods so all u log-cabiners strap on yr chapz 'n all u dutchie dykes get yr fingaz ready 2 plug plus we gunna b puffin am-star-damn stylez all w/ funz. me n xero tellz u how it gunna b on fryday. inna meantime roxin ballz out tho, cuz tha heterowhitemale inna hizzouse 4 a coupla mo' daze.
heaven loves ya
tha clouds part 4 ya
nothing stands in yer way
when yer a boy
clothes always fit ya
life is a pop of tha cherry
when yer a boy

when yer a boy
you can wear a uniform
when yer a boy
other boys check you out
you get a girl
these are yer favourite things
when yer a boy

boys, boys
boys keep swinging
boys always work it out

uncage tha colours
unfurl tha flag
luck just kissed ya hello
when yer a boy
they'll never clone ya
yer always first on tha line
when yer a boy

when yer a boy
you can buy a home of yer own
when yer a boy
learn to drive and everything
you'll get yer share
when yer a boooooooyyyyyy
thx. d. bowie.

plus bonus herez sumfin uv tha thothfile cuz he be preparatin' tha next 'stallmint uv tha saga uv inner travels whatevs. solitudinuss maximund. late.


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