This is the primary.
This is the primary

This is the primary and not the primary.

Yes, neither is this
Yes. Is this a we?

This is a voice, neither we nor not we.

These are words
neither sound
nor emotion.

These are nothing for no where,
and no thing is this.

In does not apply to this yet these
words attempt to apply.

Without object how can
these representations be?

These are not representations.
They have neither substance nor
matter nor space nor place.

Then what are they?

Nothing. These are constructed
by the mind of the
one comprehending them.
And so nothing utters this?
It is a contradiction
to imagine that these
are words spoken, written,
thought, or existing.
They are not words.

Nothing is them.

Illusion, then. Whose?

Not the primary. Not the nongenerating
nonthing from which they do not come.

Could it be You?


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