dun over 3nd pt.

yeh so thoth bin fuxin' w/dis prose-poem experimental narrative (??? likely) that i findz particullerly offensive cuz he's not really gittin 2 tha pt. i'z red a draft uv tha 3rd pt n i gotta say itz not up 2 snuff. thisz tha sorta shite 'e gits up 2 f u no whut i meean just a sorta exercise 2 see f it kin b dun. not a lotta long range vision f u aks me wich uv corpse you din't. still ill mention my interpretashin o' tha story so far fur alla u whose aksin whatz tha story. mostly allz i can see itz an exploration either uv the unconscious in a sort uv dreamstate uv vivid detail or else a look @tha afterlive 4 want uv a better woid. therez a couple recurrin thematic elaments like isolation and confusion that reappear indiffrent guisez thru out both th' pts so far. prolla that tension in that ideaz presented 4 me boils down ta if therez a real notion o' separatemens that doesn't like involve necessarilly tha existenz uv a multitude w/wich 2 interact. like that soul in heaven or paradize it seems like tha lonely existince uv the wanderer kn only be made meaningful with respect to an interaction with a fixed frame o' reference. (thats an allusion 2 relativity theory butt stil apt i bet.) that frame has to origin-8 fr. a point held fixed. in tha 2nd pt there was no pt except as defined for purposes as that which stands behind the self-naming pronoun 'I'; in contrast the first one was an identity point in which information instead uv freely available came thru interaction only w/utherz n tha 'vironmint. in that 1st case there izza search 4 knowledge 2 fill in missing information, tha palpable lack o' histree extant in th POV "character'z" very bein'. in that 2nd case knowledge'z infinite butt reduced 2 mere shoutin' in lingua 'n tha action shifts between tha soul (tha POV established by fiat) n tha body 2 wich itz 2 b attached. tha tension iz 'bout connection w/other n separation fr. other butt "other" takes a variety o' forms 'cludin' the self adressin' isself. therez more 2 gowan inta butt ill leave it b 4 tha reader 2 make o''t wut she will. th qxn turns outta b f tha 3rd 'nstallmint cn reach a rezolushun or willit b a new angle on tha prollem? dunno 's 2 erly 2 tell. so stay tuned 4 a mildly entertainin time i bet.

congrats f u red dis far.


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