Words expressed divide the voices from one another, into one another they, separated, are coherent or not as much as can be for
voices without speakers. But we have added speakers to none, from none, on a whim riding high in a cloud above this nothing in which being
is is being and is word being, words being what they are no more and no less unseparate and uttered not
. Enough of this chaos, pure
existence and simulteneity unintelligible except as the impurity of complete adulteration of all by all. Give the word by creation for
perspective: what does this one say with its new understanding. It says in being at all, its essence is "I."

I think my words sentences strung-together from within
me from where I know not but that it is from myself, from I, from me.
I can say that which I wish to say: I am not this voice or that voice,
those are no my thoughts. "I, I, I, I, I, I am tired."
All of this is energy exchanged between utterances floating only upon themselves and I am solid matter, heavy and falling now into place among those solid things so unknown from before.

There is the body,
ready to enter the body,
ready the body,
fit this self into nothing and ready the body as it
splits and multiplies the trillions of its
cells separate and succeeding one and another
holding together the multitude of
separated existences knit by mere force
matter opened
the body is ready for I.

I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I... I am so tired. Let this body rest and grow with all of the power my heavy solid matter allows.


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