tha holdem tablez wuzen gud 2 me tonite but wtf a drunkle jingle 4 u fokes.
every day i wake up
hummin' a song
but i dont need 2 run around
i jus stay home.

an sing a little love song
my love, 2 myself
if there's something that u want 2 hear
u can sing it yerself.

cuz everything is free now
thats what i say
no ones gotta listen 2
tha words in my head.

someone hit tha big score
i figured it out
that we're gonna do it anyway
even if doesn't pay.
thx g. welch. tha life as art iz art; tha life as dream 'made flesh' n shizzle. b what u wanna be? b what u alreddy iz.


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