pulsar 47 shew

saw good local band pulsar 47 @ club las nite. call it post-rock. sorta stuff sigur ros, explosions in the sky etc. doin'. played about 35 min. openin' 4 some crapass band or other whatevs.

gotta say lotta NRG inna room tho small crowd. 3 guit. plus bass drum piano cello 'n noize 'quipment make 4 a big sound. they got tha walla sound fx goin' on which is purticlerly a fav o' mine. added 2 new songz 2 tha set since last saw 'em inna summer.

kinda hypnotic building an' crashin' sound. tha melodies tenda b drones or looped figurez over like some small variations. mos'ly in 4/4, but still okay cuz inventive with mix of parts and arrangements that'r crude in places but overall display a collective an' complex development process. one downside iz that u get a lotta moments when you wish they'd put a kontroll on--tha anarchy gets away from inspiring blasts to discordant when u know they don' wanna b discordant. nothin' a good producer couldn't fix tho'.

gotta kinda vaguely mid/asian flavor 2 melodies or dom. harmonies but u cn tell tha memberz mos'ly got classical musix trainin'. brolly give it a B+ b/c uv a good vamp durin' a technical breakdown 1/3 in2 tha show.


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