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I've been in some real break-ups. How come I can't write the part of this story about a fake one? It comes out all not convincing.


Blogger Jason said...

Sorry for not following the "do not comment" instruction, but perhaps it is more convincing than you think.

2/1/06 20:57  
Blogger fizhburn said...

Hm. Good point. This was one of benobo's "clever" ideas.

3/1/06 12:38  
Blogger Jason said...

Actually, I meant that perhaps your fictional breakup is more convincing than you think.

4/1/06 12:13  
Blogger Thoth said...

The question is, do I the author believe that these two people (the characters) would break up under such-and-such circumstances, saying this and that etc. And so far, no. But maybe someone else should look at it. My in-house editor quit, but maybe she would help anyways.

4/1/06 19:22  

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