I shall and will
with all resolve posthaste do this:
Gather grain to feed my sisters in Ghana.

Fill ten bottles with the message
You are loved, and set them adrift
in the South China Sea.

Save my antiviral medication refills and mail them
to my pen-friend in Johannesburg
whose daughter is dying from her mother's blood.

Eat only rice, corn, and peas until the Dalai
Lama speaks to the United Nations
on the day when Kashmir is nuked.

Nail my hand to a board at
the Capitol Steps on live television
just to show them real committment.

Whisper the location, in the ears of each of
the People the secret door to the world's
center from where they will return home.

Drink corn liquor and rainwater on the
Peruvian Andes' slopes and offer Pacha
Mama her due.

Smoke raw tobacco under midnight sun
on a rescue boat in the arctic waters
where the whale hunters freeze.

Give to my friends, each, a message
of my love for them, and another to
each of my family.


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