doctor of prostitutology

Januarygirl and I are talking about knowing what you want in an SO, and scarfing some poison (fast "food"). I'm thinking of combinging all the best qualities of a porn star and a PhD. She's like, "That's not gonna happen." 'Cuz highly educated human females learn all this stuff about gender and opression and feminism and sexism and all this and are highly conscious of the way in which their interactions take various shapes. Like if they're in a heteronormative dating situation or whatever. It's a turn-off to be always thinking this way about it, and also not wanting to be oppressed and all. Look at the internet and you get basically a lot of grad student bloggish type sites where they complain about not getting the good dick but also have the attitudes that turn them to cold fish. A total raw deal for them. Either get (ful-)filled or get respected, I think is the line drawn here. Those are not exclusive but maybe the wymyn think they are. Raw.


Blogger deimos said...

Well baby, porn isn't really about sex-- it's about images that are often times tangentally related to sex.

It's like Chuck Klosterman said (and here I paraphrase as my memory aint so good) 'What does coming on someone's face have to do with sex? It's more like a frying pan to the face.'

So just saying you want a pornstar is saying you want a woman who is sexually available to do things to please you, who is prepared to let you dominate and do things that aren't really enjoyable for her. You want an object.

18/2/06 07:51  
Blogger deimos said...

PS- just look at the title of your post: doctor of prositutology." i don't know if you meant "prostitutology" or what, but that seems to be at least implied if not merely a typo.

So not only are you looking for a pornstar, you're looking for a prostitute???

Again, I make the point that using the words you use to describe what you want implies that you want a woman whose goal is to please men sexually.

What exactly are you proposing? Are you going to pick up a "Pretty Woman" and pay her in respect for all the sex she gives you?

18/2/06 07:55  
Blogger Thoth said...

Thanks for the heads-up on the spelling thing. Good suggestion with that "pay with respect" thing. I have no idea how that would work. Maybe I could pencil some respectful listening etc. into my schedule? What would "respect" be, or would that depend on the particular DPros?

You're right, at least sometimes I do want an object, and a sexual one at that. I don't think I want this all the time; that would get old very quickly. But yeah.

How to explain? I'm certainly culpable for how I'm perceived on this blog, you know, and how I'm perceived by people in real life will be affected by this. But again, if I have thoughts going through my head that I put on here they may not be fully formed, and sometimes I also attempt to be subtle. What, after all, might the good qualities of a prawn star be? Maybe (this is wrong, but maybe) I just wanted someone who was sexually athletic for various positions, etc.

But bottom line I think there is something to be said for the psychology of people who only address each other in one way or another. In fact, I have a strong tendency to try to conform my behavior to the wishes I imagine my lover to have. For instance, if I thought that it was not appropriate for me to be agressive sexually I would repress those desires as much as possible in the interest of keeping a relationship going. Or on the other hand if I were to understand that someone wanted to be treated like an object in sex ("treated like a slut" might be a better description, but make of that what you will) then I would do that much more than I would "make love" to them.

Anyway I understand that a lot of the stuff that I post on here makes me look a bit creepy (but shit, look as benobo's posts, fer chrissakes). I hope it's understood that what you think about is not at all the same as what you do. But I am still guilty on the frying pan issue.

I tried to write the mirror part of the story from the next post, in order to show that:

1) these are characters I imagined, and not even doing anything particularly original

2) there are reasons for doing what they're doing that perhaps these people do not know themselves

3) this kind of behavior is not good for you--in fact you see it in both versions (or anyway I see it) that the causes seem to be as much self-destruction as out of a belief that they should be doing what they're doing.

19/2/06 15:53  
Blogger Miss E said...

not to try to parse with the baboon, but it is possible to be a highly sexual and highly educated woman. it's just more rare than it should be.

20/2/06 12:02  
Blogger Thoth said...

Indeed, I have been obfuscating that point for rhetorical purposes. Of course what ought to be, if it comes to pass, will turn out well only on condition that us mens clean up our own act--I'll just point out that there's a lot to be said about the glorification of porn (-stars) in pop culture (holy crap Paris Hilton) that won't fit here.

20/2/06 15:12  

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