Har Har, motherfuckers!

So sneakysis put about a half of a forty in my sheets. Fuck.

Or anyway I'm sure it was her. fizhburn said, you know, it wasn't her. Well why the hell does my matress smell like spat-in beer then? IT IS BECAUSE OF PRANKING MOTHERFUCKERS. When I yell I hella yell a lot and when she gets back from The Chi I'm gonna give her a monkey bitching like you'd never heard something so GODDAMNED COGENT in your life.

Thank you very little, as Maynard'd say, to robotboy for the excellent pointer-at-word.


Blogger panopticon said...

howlers and baby-faced capuchins know
pitchers of daquiri poured into eighty lb.
soaking, soused, drooling dribble
(masturbating in his sleep):

woke up--sunset
three sandy grains from his eyes
rage, aches head: blame

25/2/06 20:25  

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