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4 my bro thoth in th' hr. uv his content.
Gdog, could you please sift through my playback stats and find songs that fall under the following criteria: (1) things I hum while cooking (2) things I sing while writing (3) things that cause me to shiver while napping. And don't give me that look.
tho i did giv'm da l@@k uvva lifetiem. mildly kronological with omissions:
Garbage - The trick is to keep breathing
Fighters von Foo - February stars
Hendrix - Hey joe
Portishead - It's a fire
Tool - Eulogy
Tori - God
Soundgarden - Bootcamp
Alisonchains - Nutshell
Low - Over the ocean
Radiohead - Black star
Marley - Redemption Song
Meshuggah - Straws pulled at random
Floyd - Time
Built to Spill - You were right
TTWS - Torn
Explosions - The only moment we were alone
Cohen - Hey, that's no way to say goodbye
Damien Rice - Cannonball
Gillian - Revelator
System - Streamline
Calexiwine - Dead man's will
Power - Metal heart
plus others b'thoth gotta coffup if'ee want mo' favor.


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