grave o' firey flyer

ghibli stodios made a lott good flix now 'n 'en butt u know they not always that most powerful &c emotional. saw grave of the fireflies tho' n its about as strong as u kn git even tho anime-ted. powerful antiwar statements 2, much mo' then say 'pocalypse now or whatevers. make u 'shamed 2 be in tha country what dropped a 'tomic bomb yo. exelen cinnama 4 sure but go into it w/firm conxtitushun + ready w/kleenex 4 tear jerks. a very downer. u kn git it w/kiki's delivery service tho' n tha's n upliftin story so kinda balances out. cn't give good review uv g.o.f. rite now tho gotta thinx on it.


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