was going to post something ranting about hurting people's feelings, but instead am going to let the other side speak for itself. fizhburn finds this amusing.
Racism. It's kind of funny in secret until the person whose race you're joking about just happens to overhear you. That's usually when violence breaks out, and that is what we as a society are trying to avoid. It doesn't matter how funny the racism is, it's not worth anybody getting hurt.

I guess the lesson here is that it's wrong to have racism but if you're going to tell a racist joke because it is insanely hysterical, make sure nobody overhears you and that you and the person or persons to whom you are telling the joke understand that the joke is only funny because it is ironically ludicrous that someone would actually feel that way about another group of people.
From J-Ro, who's half Cherokee.


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