Onward lexicon!

Officially, I've decided to add a wonderful word of Twisty Faster's: 'godbag'. I don't know whether she invented the word, but I learnt of it from her site so that's where primerary credit goes.

In other news, fizhburn tells me he was asked to state his position on abortion during a discussion section he teaches. He hedged it since, as a govt. employee, he can't espouse political views on the clock. The quote goes something like "Well I think this [pointing to
5. Aborting a fetus is always seriously morally wrong
written on the chalkboard as the conclusion of an argument to that effect] is false; but that's an opinion, I don't have any knock-down arguments for it." Cowardly much? Political discourse runs entirely on assumptions, which are a function of "framing the debate." Or maybe a function to it, I'm not entirely sure. With fixed assumptions, valid (good) arguments abound.


Blogger fizhburn said...

Sound arguments are valid ones with true premises. The problem with political discourse is that everyone already knows "the truth." Unfortunately the Left has nearly as much difficulty with intellectual hypocrisy these days as the Right has had for quite a while. Which is not to say I'm not aware on which side my bread is covered with vegetable-oil spread.

24/3/06 13:00  

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